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2019 Genuine Automatic Anti No Bark Stop Barking Control Collar Dogs Training

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The good quality & easy use bark collar is available here now.Harmless sound to make your dog stop barking fast.The bark control uses a microphone to detect your dog’s bark and automatically delivers punishment after each back.The output punishment level is increased gradually as barking.

1. Small and Medium Size Dog.
2. Operates on a standard 6-volt battery.
3. This is a humane way of training your dog.
4. Voice Recognition feature minimizes false triggering.
5. Water resistant, rain and snow will not affect operation.
6. Effective on dogs weighing as much as 150 pounds or more.
7. Collar Circumference can be adjusted from 28 to 48 cm. So this collar will fit almost any dog.


Package Included:

LED Test light
6V Battery
User Manual



Color: red and black
Weight: 68g
Power: 6 Volt Alkaline Battery (Included)
Collar Circumference Adjustable Length: 28 to 48 cm


Trouble Shooting:

If collar appears not to be working, try the following.
1. Adjust the collar to fit.
2. Recharge the battery.
3. Check that the probes are touching the dog’s skin.
4. If necessary, trim the dog’s hair or use the longer probes to ensure proper skin contact.

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